Troubleshooting Videos

Troubleshooting Videos

Adjust overflow valve steel ball base

Add lubricating oil

Add hydraulic oil

Adjust overflow valve

Adjust relief valve

Belly switch

Check & Repair wires damage

Check & repair pins

Check accelarator voltage

Check and repair accelerator

Check battery voltage with multimeter

Check cable appearance

Check front wheel fork.mp4

Check hydraulic motor cable

Check if belly switch is stuck

Check if motor cables are damaged

Check if the belly switch button is damaged

Check if the brake nut is loose or if there is grinding inside the brake pad

Check lifting contactor with multimeter

Check lowering solenoid valve with multimeter

Check motor Hall cable with multimeter

Check motor Halls with multimeter

Check motor resistance with multimeter

Check pins of the plug

Check resistance of temperature sensor

Check the appearance of motor cable

Check the appearance of motor cable

Check the buzzer wire with multimeter

Check the continuity of lowering button with multimeter

Check the current change before and after brake is removed

Check the lifting button with multimeter

Check the resistance of lifting contactor with multimeter

Check the truck driving current

Check the voltage of accelerator

Check the voltage of controller with mulltimeter

Check the voltage of the handle accelerator with multimeter

Checking method for black screen

Clean drive wheel

Clean lowering solenoid valve

Clean the brake

Clean the gear pump filter

Function of emergency reverse switch

Loosen the exhaust bolt

Observe the appearance before measuring the resistance

Observe the light of lowering solenoid valve

Repair line

Repair pins of the plug

Replace handle cable

Replace hydraulic oil

Replace lifting contactor

Replace lowering button

Replace lowering solenoid valve coil

Replace the handle button.

Replace the heart-shaped seals of gear pump

Replace truck body cable

Sounds of hydraulic system

Temporarily remove the brake

Temporarily remove the motor

Test the continuity of brake

The change of current before and after brake is removed

Troubleshooting methods for chargers

Troubleshooting video of faulty lifting contactor

Use multimeter to measure the voltage of lifting contactor

Video of correct operation

Way to repair cables

Check the change of current before and after the brake is removed

Adjust relief valve

Clean the brake

Adjust relief valve

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