Loss of movement

  • Checking method:

    1. Turn off the truck and turn it back on. If truck works normally, return to upper menu and select "Work normally after restarting".

    2. Check if "SRO" appears on handle display. "SRO" means wrong operating, and truck has no problem.

    3. Check if any Err code "Err+number" appears on the handle display, such as Err12, etc..If yes, return to the upper menu and select "Error Code" for proceeding.

    4. No error code is reported

    A. Check if drive wheel is stuck.

    B. Check if truck works normally after brake is released temporarily

    C. Use a multimeter to check if motor Hall cable is faulty.

Step1: Rule out SRO ERR caused by wrong operating steps

Video of correct operating steps

Step2: Check if drive wheel is stuck

Clean drive wheel

Step3: Check if truck moves normally after brake is removed

Temporarily remove the brake

Step4: Check if motor Hall cable is faulty

Check motor Hall cable with multimeter

Check motor resistance with multimeter

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