Automatic moving

  • Checking method:

    1. Check if handle has been damaged. If yes, it is out of warranty claim. Please click parts purchase (handle assembly).

    2. If above cause is ruled out, use a multimeter to check the accelerator voltage 

    (Normal voltage range: 

    When accelerator is in neutral position, the voltage should be 2.5V

    When it is pushed forward, voltage should reduce to 0.5V

    When it is pushed backward, voltage should increase to 5.0V )

    Tools: multimeter; allen wrench

    Solution: Replace handle accelerator

    Required information for warranty claims:

    1. Photo of truck name plate;

    2. Video of all angles of handle;

    3. Video of accelerator voltage measuring

Step1: Check the voltage change of handle accelerator

Remvoe handle upper cover

Check the voltage of the handle accelerator with multimeter

Step2: Operating instructions for replacing accelerator

Replace accelerator

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