What's so special about EPT15H?

  • What's so special about EPT15H?

    ①Small size

    Small size takes up little space, which is a major advantage of EPT15H, especially in some workshops, trucks, vans, tailgates, and elevators.

    ②Comfortable operation

    The handle is very easy to operate, and operator's arm muscles will not get sore after driving for a day; the maneuverability is excellent, the driving speed is precisely controlled, and ultra-low speed driving can be achieved;

    The control knob has a large contact area, suitable strength and comfortable operation.

    ③Gradeability and driving speed

    EPT15H adopts brushless motor with strong power. In general, the truck can climb the small slope at the entrance of the warehouse at will. EPT15H can easily climb the boarding bridge with 800kg load ( laden gradeability is 6% ). Unladen speed is 4.5km/h, and the laden speed is 4km/h.

    ④Replaceable battery which can be used continuously

    The battery can be replaced at any time to ensure that the truck doesn't stop.

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