EPT15H has a small body and looks not tough is it durable

  • FAQ: EPT15H has a small body and looks not tough. Is it durable?

    Answer: It is actually a misunderstanding of new things;

    Official promise: First of all, when you buy EPT15H, you can get a five-year warranty on the chassis, so you don't have to worry about it.

    Data speaks: The material is the most solid among all similar products.

    For example: fork thickness--4mm


    Top cover--6mm

    The material is more solid than similar products (basically 2.75mm thick)

    The fork tip has absolutely higher strength , compared with hand pallet truck or 1500kg eletric pallet truck, it is ;

    Small but tough

    Secondly, the small size has many advantages:

    The operation is is more flexible and convenient for vans, tail boards, elevators, etc.

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