What is the use cost of EPT15H Is the maintenance cost high

  • ①First of all, the use of electric trucks saves labor cost.

    ②EPT15H adopts brushless motor, which is maintenance-free for life

    At present, most of the pallet trucks on the market use motors with carbon brush. After 12 to 18 months, the carbon brush needs to be replaced. In many cases, the motor needs to be replaced as well. It costs more than 200 USD to replace motor, and 100 USD for carbon brush replacement. If the carbon brush is replaced for three times within four years, the cost will start at 400 USD, so the cost of using EPT15H is much lower than that of other trucks.

    ③Very low failure rate and low maintenance cost

    With market feedback, EPH15H has been constantly improved, and the failure rate has been very low.

    ④The chassis is made of iron and it won't break down due to external impact

    The material used is the most solid among all products of same level.

    ⑤Long battery life

    EPT15H adopts lithium battery, which has a longer life.

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