No light

  • Checking method: check whether the coil wiring or circuit of the lowering solenoid valve is loose, broken, or damaged

    A. There is loosening, crushing or damage, repair the circuit

    B. No loosening, check the continuity of lowering button, replace lowering button

    Tools: Multimeter; allen wrench; phillips screwdriver

    Required information for warranty claims:

    1. Photo of truck name plate; 

    2. Video of truck problem (No lowering and light of lowering solenoid valve is off; testing the continuity of lowering button)

Step1: Check the connection of lowering solenoid valve coil

Check the continuity by multimeter

Step2: Check the continuity of lowering button

Check the continuity of lowering button with multimeter

Step3: Replace lowering button

Replace lowering button

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