Light is on

  • Checking method: loosen the exhaust bolt and check if forks can be lowered

    A. If no lowering, then it is mechanical interference, not the problem of hydraulic system.

    B. It forks can be lowered, then lowering solenoid valve is damaged or blocked. It needs to be cleaned or replaced.

    Tools: allen wrench; long socket wrench (#24) or open-end wrench (#24)

    Required information for warranty claims:

    1. Photo of truck name plate; 

    2. Video of truck problem (light is one but no lowering; loosen the exhaust bolt and forks can be lowered);

    3. Photo of faulty parts.

Step1: Light flashes, loosen the exhaust bolt

Loosen the exhaust bolt

Step2: Clean or replace lowering solenoid valve

Clean lowering solenoid valve

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