Install/uninstall videos

Install/uninstall videos

Install handle

Disassemble handle

Replace accelerator

Pairing of new smart remote key

Remove handle socket

Install handle socket

Replace drop solenoid valve

Replace lifting limit switch

Replace lifting contactor

Replace the handle button

Replace truck body cable

Remove handle display circuit board

Install handle display circuit board

Replace power switch

Remove loading wheel

Install loading wheel

Install oil hose

Remove oil hose

Replace handle cable

Deactivate the pairing of original remote key

Adjust push rod

Install gearbox

Install motor

Remove motor

Install controller

Remove controller

Install drive wheel

Remove drive wheel

Install cylinder

Remove cylinder

Install brake

Remove brake

Replace truck body cable

Replace handle cable

Install gears

Remove gears

Install hydraulic pump station

Remove hydraulic pump station

Install battery fuse

Remove battery fuse

Install the buzzer

Remove the buzzer

Remove gearbox

Install cylinder

Remove cylinder

Replace hydraulic oil

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