• Cause of failure: accelerator does not return to neutral position or wrong accelerator output voltage or faulty monitor

    Solution: Repair/replace acceleratorr/replace monitor

    Checking method:

    1. Check if the operating step is correct. (refer to step 1)

    2. Check if handle end cap is loose and holding out against accelerator throttle

    3. Check if accelerator screw is loose, holding out against handle end cap

    4. Check if handle tiller is hit and deformed, causing mechanical interference with handle end cap

    5. Check if there is large gap between torsion spring and accelerator lever

    6. If the above causes are ruled out use multimeter to check accelerator voltage(Refer to step 3)

    Firstly check accelerator input voltage. If the voltage is not 5V, then monitor is faulty; if voltage is 5v, check the voltage of accelerator.(accelerator voltage range: neutral position 2.5V, forward position 0.5V, backward position 4.5V).

    lf all voltage value is normal, then monitor is faulty

    If any of the voltage value is abnormal, then accelerator is faulty.

    Tools: Phillips screwdriver, 3# hexagon wrench, needle-nose pliers, multimeter

    Required information for warranty claims:

    1. Photo of truck name plate;

    2. Video of error code (handle display):

    3. Video of using multimeter to detect accelerator voltage

Step1: Check if the operating step is correct

Check if the operating step is correct

Step2: Check and repair accelerator

Check and repair accelerator

Step3: Use multimeter to check accelerator voltage

Check accelarator voltage

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