• Cause of failure: 

    1. Motor is overheated due to overloaded use of the machine, such as continuous climbing, overloading, etc..The machine has entered self-protection mode, and work intensity needs to be reduced.

    2. Motor is overheated because drive wheel or brake is stuck by interference materials.

    3. If the above causes are ruled out, most likely controller is faulty

    Checking method: Keep the machine off for 15 minutes, turn it on and see if Err25 appears

    1. "Err25" appears when  machine is turned on: controller is faulty

    2. Check if drive wheel is stuck

    3. Temporarily release the brake and see if problem is solved (This is to check if brake is stuck)

       Checking method: temporarily remove the brake (Note: truck shall not be used without brake). Measure the main line current of the power supply with a clamp ammeter, and compare the current before and after brake is removed

       Tools: allen wrench; clamp ammeter

Step1: Check if drive wheel is stuck

Clean drive wheel

Step2: Check if brake is stuck

Temporarily remove the brake

Check the truck driving current

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