Err27 appears when truck is turned on or driving

  • Cause of failure: Brake cable is disconnected or unplugged onto the controller; Controller is faulty

    Tools: allen wrench, phillips screwdriver, multimeter

    Checking method:

    1. Visual inspection: check if brake cable is disconnected or unplugged onto the controller

    2. Use a multimeter to check the brake resistance (normal resistance range: 100-200Ω)

    3. If the above causes are ruled out, most likely controller is faulty

    Required information for warranty claims:

    1. Photo of truck name plate;

    2. Photo of error code ( displayed on handle screen); 

    3. Video of brake resistance measurement;

    4. Photo of the claimed part

Step1: Check the continuity of brake wirest

Observe the appearance before measuring the resistance

Step2: Abnormal brake resistance, replace the brake

Remove brake

Install brake

Step3: Normal brake resistance, replace the controller

Remove controller

Install controller

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