Battery runtime issues

  • Troubleshooting:

    1. Low temperature: especially in winter, lithium battery is greatly affected by temperature. This is normal.

    2. Not fully charged: please use battery after it is fully charged.

    3. Measure truck driving current with clamp ammeter (fully loaded: current 8A-12A; unloaded: current 0A-4A)

    If current is abnormally high, then truck has faults (such as brake or drive wheel frame being jammed by mud, etc.)

    If you have doubts about the durability of battery, you can submit a technical support work order. After-sales service personnel will measure the discharge capacity of the battery. If battery capacity attenuation is over 30% in one year, you can claim for a new battery.

Check the truck driving current with clamp ammeter

Check the truck driving current

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